A photo essay of the great depression

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Because so many were unemployed, charitable organizations opened soup kitchens and breadlines to feed the many hungry families brought to their knees by the Great Depression. It was formed in March and promoted environmental conservation as it gave work and meaning to many who were unemployed.

Members of the corps planted trees, dug canals and ditches, built wildlife shelters, restored historic battlefields and stocked lakes and rivers with fish. Picture from the Franklin D. At the beginning of the s, many living in the South were tenant farmers, known as sharecroppers. These families lived in very poor conditions, working hard on the land but only receiving a meager share of the farm's profits.

How Photography Defined the Great Depression

Sharecropping was a vicious cycle that left most families perpetually in debt and thus especially susceptible when the Great Depression struck. Sharecroppers, even before the Great Depression, often found it difficult to earn enough money to feed their children. When the Great Depression hit, this became worse. This particular touching picture shows two young, barefoot boys whose family has been struggling to feed them. During the Great Depression, many young children got sick or even died from malnutrition.

In the South, some children of sharecroppers were able to periodically attend school but often had to walk several miles each way to get there. These schools were small, often only one-room schoolhouses with all levels and ages in one room with a single teacher. For most sharecropping families, however, education was a luxury. Adults and children alike were needed to make the household function, with children working alongside their parents both inside the house and out in the fields.

For sharecroppers, Christmas did not mean lots of decoration, twinkling lights, large trees, or huge meals. This family shares a simple meal together, happy to have food. Notice that they don't own enough chairs or a large enough table for them all to sit down together for a meal.

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Life changed drastically for farmers in the South during the Great Depression. A decade of drought and erosion from over-farming led to huge dust storms that ravaged the Great Plains, destroying farms.

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The dust storms filled the air, making it hard to breathe, and destroyed what few crops existed. With their farms gone, some men struck out alone in the hopes that they could somehow find somewhere that would offer them a job. While some traveled the rails, hopping from city to city, others went to California in the hopes that there was some farm work to do. Distinguish between the real and the ideal, which is the reason.

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‘A Photo Essay on the Great Depression’

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Yalow honors program at hunter college high school in a state. Number depression of factors that affect the length of your paper and any other requirements that might be in the minority. Nearly 5, men, women, and children can be put forward in an attempt to answer the main questions raised in his popular. There were four waves of droughts, , , and The affected regions could not recover before the next one hit.

The worst-hit was the Oklahoma panhandle. When the drought killed off the crops, high winds blew the topsoil away. Dust storms nearly covered buildings, making them useless. People became very ill from inhaling the dust. These storms forced family farmers to lose their business, their livelihood and their homes. In some counties, it was as high as 90 percent. Families migrated to California or cities to find work that often didn't exist by the time they got there.

As farmers left in search of work, they became homeless. Almost 6, shanty towns , called Hoovervilles, sprang up in the s.

Team of two work horses hitched to a wagon, farm house visible in the background, low-angle view, Beltsville, Maryland, From the New York Public Library. On April 15, , the worst dust storm occurred. A farmer cultivating corn with fertilizer on a horse drawn plow at the Wabash Farms, Loogootee, Indiana, June That year, the economy contracted 3.

He was trying to balance the budget, but it was too soon.

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Prices dropped 2. It reads 'There's no way like the American way' and 'world's highest standard of living'. That year, the unemployment rate was Part of an impoverished family of nine on a New Mexico highway.


Depression refugees left Iowa in due to father's tuberculosis. He was an auto mechanic laborer and painter. Unemployment was The economy contracted People blamed President Herbert Hoover, who raised taxes that year to balance the budget. Roadside camp near Bakersfield, California. The worldly possessions of refugees from Texas dust, drought and depression. Many left their homes to find work in California. By the time they got there, the jobs were gone. This occurred in November A family of migrant workers fleeing from the drought in Oklahoma camp by the roadside in Blythe, California.

These 35 Photos Show the Economic Impact of the Great Depression

This photo was taken August 1, The economy grew Unemployment shrank to Prices rose 1. But that proved to be a mistake.

a photo essay of the great depression A photo essay of the great depression
a photo essay of the great depression A photo essay of the great depression
a photo essay of the great depression A photo essay of the great depression
a photo essay of the great depression A photo essay of the great depression
a photo essay of the great depression A photo essay of the great depression

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