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Your email address will not be published. Home Geen categorie An essay on the play romeo and juliet. An essay on the play romeo and juliet March 02, Sep, 19 Geen categorie 0 comment Summary. Romeo and Juliet Romeo And Juliet Essay Examples A Paper a glimpse at the life works and beliefs of hippocrates on Vocabulary in the Play a biography of jack london a prolific writer Romeo and Juliet words 1 pottery designs reflect ancient lifestyles and culture page An Analysis of an essay on the play romeo and juliet the Tragic Elements in Romeo and Juliet Detailed information an essay on the play romeo and juliet on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet from scholars and editors an introduction to the history of jazz music Did You Like This Post?

He is now Tybalts cousin. He cannot tell Tybalt the truth because of the feud between Capulets and Montagues. The audience know the truth and are interested in what will happen. At the start of the scene, the weather is hot causing people to be adjutated, Benvolio asks Mercutio to go home, because the Capulets are wandering around. He is also trying to protect Mercutio from trouble, as Benvolio knows Mercutio character. On this scene we learn that Mercutio is a very humourous character, always making jokes and he seems to be very friendly with Benvolio, teasing him.

But Benvolio always tries to keep every situation as calm as possible, incase anything gets out if order. This implies Mercutio is trying to include Benvolio in the family struggles, because he wants to make Benvolio same as anyone else keeping him on his side.

Romeo and Juliet 5 Paragraph Essay

At the start of the scene the atmoshere is similar to the beginning to act 1 scene 1, when Benvolio and Mercutio is joking and teasing each other, but Benvolio tries to keep the stituation calm and peaceful as possible. The atmoshere immediatly changes as soon as Tybalt and his men enter the play, it changes because the audience already knows what Tybalt is like and what the outcome will be, violence. This demonstrates how instantly worried he is. In behaviour, Mercutio is like Tybalt, someone who is easily angered and who likes to fight. He feels that Tybalt has insulted Romeo and Romeo allowed him to.

A fight is the last thing Romeo wants, as Mercutio is his friend and Tybalt is now his kinsman. When Tybalt kills Mercutio it creates tension as the audience wait to see how Romeo will act. The mood becomes tense again because Romeo enters the scene.

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Another dramatic irony was included in this scene, as the audience knows that Tybalt is looking for Romeo and they know that violence will occur once Tybalt sees Romeo. And the result of this lead to his death, as Mercutio and Tybalt fight, Romeo got in the way allowing Tybalt to thurst his sword in Mercutio. Mercutio blames both families, as he is no Montague or Capulet. I am sped. And during Shakesperean times, three times meant bad luck. He sees that he is responsible for his death and his love for Juilet has made him less of an man.

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We also know that The Prince has threatened to punish with death anyone who fights. Shakespeare brought The Prince back to remind the audience the consequences that will occur. Shakespeare again keeps the audience interested in what will happen next. After Romeo has killed Tybalt, Shakespeare uses Benvolio to remind the audience of the danger Romeo is now in.

This infers that The Prince will execute him. Yet again, after Romeo causes a brash action killing Tybalt he blames someone else than himself. Romeo leaves and Shakespeare has now created a tension because the audience await The Prince and wonder what will become of Romeo and Juliet. This emphasises that she only wants Romeo to die. Act 5 scene 3, so far Romeo has been informed of the catastrophe of his bride Juliet. In order to avoid Juliet getting married to Paris, Juilet fakes her death for a short period of time, which occured in ant 4 scene 4.

This scene Act 5 scene 3 is important beacause it is the very last scene, and the audience will be eager to await for the finale. It is also because this is the part of the play where both of the main characters Romeo and Juliet dies. We learn that he is very irrational and could be very violent. The theme of violence is so important beacause, it alternates hte storyline of the play multiple times and also changer the behavior and roles of the characters.

Violence stirs up peoples emotions, causes shock, distress, and it is often unexpected. The audience like to watch contrasting characters good vs bad. I think at the end of each scene the audience would be thinking what will happen next, beacause Shakespeare makes every act and scene interesting and reminding for us. William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' is a play, which is based on tragic romance.

The play is about two households Montague and Capulet who both despise each other; these two households have had a grudge from each other from age's ago and it still exists. Romeo from the Montague and Juliet from the Capulets both fall in love, but this love creates even more chaos for both families. This love creates many deaths including the lives of the pair of 'star-crossed lovers', but this brings the two families closer.

Although it is a play about love, there are many scenes How is act 3 scene 1 of "Romeo and Juliet" especially dramatic? What techniques do you think are practically successful in creating dramatic tension? Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, they are from Verona in Italy.


Romeo and Juliet 5 Paragraph Essay

They are young people that fall deeply in love, but the problem is that they are from different families that like to fight each other. Romeo and Juliet are so madly in love that there love leads to death. Act 2 ends on a note of happiness the audience have seen Romeo and Juliet get married by friar lawance, but no one know about Tweak the number of pages, your academic level, and the deadline to get the best price.

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    essay on romeo and juliet Essay on romeo and juliet
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