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How do they see themselves and their time? These are some of the questions TIME'S correspondents asked; the masses of answers-plus the correspondents' interpretation-contain many clashing shades of opinion, but nevertheless reveal a remarkably clear area of agreement on the state of the nation's youth.


Youth today is waiting for the hand of fate to fall on its shoulders, meanwhile working fairly hard and saying almost nothing. The most startling fact about the younger generation is its silence. With some rare exceptions, youth is nowhere near the rostrum.

It does not issue manifestoes, make speeches or carry posters. It has been called the "Silent Generation. What, if anything, does it hide? Or are youth's elders merely hard of hearing?

Gender Roles And Body Images The Minds Of Young Ladies And Men Of The Millennial Generation

They can't start figuring in high school or even in college what they want to do First thing you know, Uncle Sam has tagged them off base. I'd just get started and whammo, I'm gone. Maybe your husband is off to Korea or somewhere, and there you are. IS it possible to paint a portrait of an entire generation?

Each generation has a million faces and a million voices.

They Are Grave and Fatalistic Listen to their voices, in a college bull session: "I think the draft has all the fellows upset. While everything else in this world is rising, intellect of each generation is falling. Good Essays words 2. Our world would take on different ideas of past generations.

The Internet Is a Result of a Lazy, Young Generation Essay | Major Tests

No more of the conventional thinking of roles that are played by men and women in society. The millennium gave people a voice to create and become other than their parents.

article / Essay Aping of Western Culture by the Younger Generation

New generations became tech savvy, went to school, and learned to juggle work, family and education at the same time. Unlike their parent which had more traditional roles and believed that in order to be successful you must work over 40 hours and be away from home and not take time out to enjoy life Generation X is the generation born after the Baby-Boomers, meaning this generation had been born anywhere from Good Essays words 3. This very interesting generation is a generation that is often forgotten. Reasoning being is because of how small this group is.

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During the time that this group of people was growing up their parents, the Baby Boomers were at large in the workplace. Layoffs were on the rise and the job market was very competitive. This term was instituted in order to define what was happening in the home of this generation Good Essays words 5. The era of computers has especially been a major cause of such a rift, specifically the dependence on technology of which has contributed to the growth of synergistic and collaborative dispositions amongst the younger generations- behaviors once thought of as ineffectual in the workplace This sequence occurs every year.

As the freshmen turn into upperclassmen, they too develop a hate for the incoming freshmen Although, with the increase of technology over the years has heavily effected the way our generation experiences the world around us Good Essays words 4.

essay-the young generation Essay-the young generation
essay-the young generation Essay-the young generation
essay-the young generation Essay-the young generation
essay-the young generation Essay-the young generation
essay-the young generation Essay-the young generation

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