A day in the life of a beggar essay

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The ruse was successful. Murmuring something about the poor starved creature, one of ladies began to fumble in her purse, and finally bestowed sixpence on me. Off from here, now! In several streets of Mayfair I repeated this ruse with varying success. An elderly lady, while getting out her carriage, espied me pretending to munch my roll, and, stopping in the doorway, searched for some time in her purse, finally with great dignity handing her footman a coin which I felt sure from her august manner and the time she had taken selecting it, must be a shilling.

I now retired to a secluded spot to count my winnings. These amounted to six shillings and two-pence-halfpenny, it was only twenty minutes past five. The penny roll had done the trick. There are very many sympathetic ladies in London who will not allow man to eat a muddy bit of bread tore their eyes without proffering him some assistance.

I had fairly won the bet, and I had won, too, without resorting to any device other than those in the regular practice of professional mendicants. See Nicholas Jennings here edited version of a good Wikipedia page follows.

Harman lists by name Upright Men, Rogues and Palliards in separate lists. Of these 18 have been identified with named individuals punished as vagabonds in contemporary court records by Aydelotte. He also found about a dozen more punished for other offences. Being suspicious Harman questioned him, and Blunt claimed to have been suffering from the falling sickness for eight years, and to have been discharged from Bedlam two weeks before, after being an inmate there two years.

Harman checked with the keeper of the hospital who denied this, and then had Blunt followed by two boys from his printers, who saw him beg all day, renewing the blood from a bladder, and putting fresh mud on his clothes.

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They then followed him to Newington, south of the river, where the Constable apprehended him. On being searched he was found to have collected 13s. He was also stripped and found to be fit and well, but escaped naked across the fields in the dark.

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The printer recognised him and had him arrested. For the latter he was imprisoned in the new Bridewell. We know that at least the apprehension and whipping took place as there is a record of it in the Repertory of the Court of Aldermen for 13 January There are also records there of two others admitting similar crimes, in and Both these and his story are repeated in later rogue literature.

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These illustrations and later texts often describe Blunt as an Upright Man, which Harman does not in his text. He was from the gentry, described as an esquire in , and with a coat of arms, with which he marked his plate. He inherited land in several parishes in Kent, and resided on an estate near Dartford from However, in he was appointed to collect tax in Kent, and in and he was a member of the important Commission responsible for the Thames and its tributaries from near Southwark to Gravesend.

A fellow member of the Commission was responsible for the creation of the Bridewell in London, and Harman was clearly acquainted with developments in law enforcement there. The Caveat is dedicated to Bess of Hardwick, although that does not mean that she was known personally to Harman. There is a wonderful woodcut in Harman. Now, some efforts are being made by the government to reserve seats for the disabled for employment purposes and to give them other facilities, so that they do not become a burden on society and have not to beg.

It is, however, the Indian sentiment of compassion and mercy which keeps many beggars in the dubious profession. People give them alms liberally, and most surprisingly, even when they grudge or shirk providing good facilities and comforts to their own old parents or poor relatives.

Life of a Beggar

There may be many cheats, swindlers, robbers, thieves, burglars and pickpockets in the garb of beggars. They beg during the day and indulge in their heinous activities at night. That was beautifully written. And you know I was reading somewhere how people who have gone from rags to riches apparently do give back to the communities that they came from — I guess it might come from knowing how difficult life is.. Thank you Smitha for the comment!

Empathy and not sympathy, plays a part here- a more desirable thing! Thank you so much Sairam and Ravindra for reading and the comments!

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I had given up on life, says beggar as he starts his first job

Sadiya: Thank you so much for the comment! I realised the same when I saw a beggar begging for water, not money one afternoon. This prompted me to write this piece. Interesting post… i wrote a post about how to stop begging in india and i would like you to go through and leave ur opinion…. A human can live without water and food for a short time, but the human soul cannot live without hope.

This child had hope; hope in the unseen future, hope in an unseen turn of events. This, to me amounts to faith. We are not what we do to earn money beggar or millionaire ; we are all what we believe in; what we put our hope in. There is only one God who knows all our thoughts, all our hopes. His name is Jesus Christ. And as for me and my household, we will serve Him. I agree with you Krissi, the child had hope. It is hope that takes us forward in the worst of times. This story is about a lot of things, and one of them is hope.

Harshit I am not using the word Beggar as a derogatory term. I am simply referring to what they do in life.

Poem: The Life of a Beggar

In fact, this post is about how beggars are also humans, with dreams and desires and emotions. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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a day in the life of a beggar essay A day in the life of a beggar essay
a day in the life of a beggar essay A day in the life of a beggar essay
a day in the life of a beggar essay A day in the life of a beggar essay
a day in the life of a beggar essay A day in the life of a beggar essay
a day in the life of a beggar essay A day in the life of a beggar essay
a day in the life of a beggar essay A day in the life of a beggar essay

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