Benefits of internet essay

Benefit of Internet

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Essay on Uses of Internet for Children and Students

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Now internet has become a vital tool for marketing and advertising. Use of internet in business can boost the business by promoting or advertising the product. Thus now a day internet is considered very useful in business. Use of internet in communication: — The invention of internet helps a lot in globalization. The whole world is connected directly or indirectly through internet. But after the invention of the telephone, people could make calls to each other. But then came the internet as the blessings of science and now people can not only talk to each other on phone, but also they can watch each other live sitting at home.

Through social networking sites, we can get in touch with our friends, we can share information, documents via emails etc. YES, there a few disadvantages of internet. It is very hard to believe that there a few abuses of internet too. We know that excess of everything is bad. Excess use of internet can also be harmful to our health.

On the other hand, internet can distract us at our work. Teenagers are seen addicted to internet. They spend hour after hour in front of the mobile or computer and waste their valuable time. Internet is a source of vast information, simultaneously it offers numerous source of entertainment too. The major disadvantage of internet is that sometimes it provides the illegal source of entertainments like pornography, private videos etc. People who fall prey to it may get addicted and thus may get distracted from their work.

We can get benefited if we can skip the abuses of internet and use it to enhance our knowledge. Misuse of internet: — There are numerous uses of internet. But as we discussed earlier there are disadvantages of internet too. Misuse of internet may cause serious harm to mankind. One of the main misuse of internet is Cyberbullying. The fake profile can be made on social networking sites to threaten people.

The benefits of internet essay writing solutions

Anti-social groups or terrorist may use internet to spread anti-social activities. On the other hand, lots of black hate activities take place through internet. After the invention of internet our personal and official data are accessible in the internet. Though they are kept protected, the misuse of internet always causes a threat to that confidential information. Hackers may hack those data any may threat to reveal that information in public. Again with the popularity of social networking sites, a new trend of spreading rumors in public is seen these days.

Conclusion to internet essay: — Different people have a different opinion on internet. It has completely changed our lives and lifestyle as well.

Though there are a few disadvantages of internet too, we need to skip those internet abuses and try to use it for the development of mankind. Introduction to internet essay: — internet is one of the modern wonders of science that connects crores of computers across the world. After the invention of internet, it has become very easy to do our day to day activities which took too much time before. With the use of internet, a lots of work can be done in a minute or two.

Everybody knows how to use internet. Earlier we need a telephone connection, a modem and a computer to use internet. Now modern technology has provided us lots of other methods to use internet. Now we can use internet through mobile or other modern routers.

Information, knowledge, and learning

Uses of internet: — In this modern era, internet is used in every walk of life. In the world of communication, internet plays a vital role. With the invention of internet, communication has become very easy and simple. But it was very time taking. But now we can share information via emails, SMS or in social networking sites within a minute. Simultaneously the uses of internet have reduced the use of paper and paper work to a great extent. Now information or important documents can be kept in the web or emails rather than keeping it in the paper.

Internet is the storehouse of vast knowledge. We can get any information within a minute on the web. We can make online transactions, take online courses, book our train-bus-air tickets online, watch videos, share thoughts, ideas using internet. But there are both uses and abuses of internet. We will discuss the abuses of internet or internet abuse separately.

Disadvantages of Internet essay

Uses of internet for students: — There are various internet for students. A student can do research online degrees, get involved in part-time jobs, appear in mock test using internet. Students need to know the proper uses of internet to get benefited from it. In the web, students can find various applications and tools that can enhance their studies. In this developing world, educational institutions are seen spending huge amount of money to set up internet facility for students at their institutions as they are aware of the various uses of internet for students.


Use of internet in business: — The uses of internet in business has strengthen the business opportunity and business standard as well. The internet can maximize the profit in business. There are many advantages of using internet in business. The use of internet for business purpose can create a platform for business.

Online advertising is proved to be the best publicity in this century. It can reach more targeted audience rather than manual publicity. On the other hand, with the use of internet business meeting can be organized through video conferencing. Again there are lots of tools and software available for accounting and bookkeeping in business. Internet has introduced the new method of payment i. Now a businessman can sell his product online and can reach a wider market than before. The first and foremost abuses of internet are the excessive use of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The social media is to communicate with our near and dear ones. But some people especially some students spend too much time on those social networking sites and waste their valuable time. Again internet has promoted some cheat-funds that have ruined many people. We need to use internet for the wellness of mankind. Uses of internet. Free Revisions. If you feel that your paper could use more work, send it for a free revision. On-time Delivery. Deadlines are sacred for our writers, with them you will never miss the submission date.

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    benefits of internet essay Benefits of internet essay

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