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For an example, some countries only instate compulsory voting for certain elected positions.

Importance of Voting in India

France, for example, strictly uses compulsory voting for their Senatorial elections Hamid, As the number of active voters decreases there are limited options as to how to increase voter turnout, compulsory voting could be. The issue here is that if everyone came up with an excuse to justify not voting, we as citizens will not be represented fairly and will not be able to convey our demands. In a Democratic society such as Canada, the right to vote is considered a staple of our society.

Voting is a central pillar of democracy. Thus, aside from taxation and jury duty, voting must become a mandatory civic duty to every capable citizen. Compulsory voting gives us a high degree of political. Of course many people have their doubts about this subject while others have already picked a side. If an eligible voter does not attend a polling place, he or she may be subject to punitive measures such as fines or community service. But surely this. Many people opposed the change of voting age, but others believed that it should be lowered.

People who think that the voting age should stay the same usually are the conservative people who want to keep the old customs as they are. People who are conservative are usually cautious about changes, and usually want to stay put without improvement. The people who want changes are usually more liberal. These people leave place for improvements, but sometimes vote for the change of things that.

They have not only been unrepresented in the number of candidates running for positions but also the number of voters who are registered and participate in elections. After the Voting Rights Act of , it was prohibited for voters to be racially discriminated against. But since then, many revisions have been added, tightening the rules for registering and participating in voting.

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The main point according Martin P. Wattenberg in Is Voting For Young People is that young people today do not vote during elections as much compared to other voting groups. Young people today are politically unengaged. Among U. Voting Rights in America Since the creation of the United States of America, providing freedom and opportunity has shown to be the most essential factor that makes the country a desirable place to call home. However, certain rights have not been preserved for every citizen in society.

In the aftermath of the recent presidential election, the citizens of this country are beginning to realize the importance of voicing their opinion and exercising the right to vote. Unfortunately, this country has. ABC, the number of American citizens actively involved in government elections dwindled dipping below the and election results. With numbers like this, are we tarnishing our shining example of a successful democracy? When I turned 18, voting became one of the things I could not wait to do.

I mean, why not? So many others before me fought hard against social and political injustice, so that every man and woman, regardless of color, could have equality.

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For me, finally exercising my right. Regardless people are no longer rushing the poles and it isn 't a coincidence. Voting is the most influential tool we have as citizens of the united states to make changes to our country, it is how we. The aspect of political participation was one fundamental instrument that was subsequently integrated into the American social dynamics. The enactment of the Voting Rights Act of sought to empower the minority groups to participate in the electoral processes, and to eliminate the barriers that existed in the political landscape.

Some of the achievements of the act included the elimination of legislations. Literature Review: Compulsory Voting The American people and government pride themselves on the freedom of choice; the freedom to pursue life goals, happiness, and religion without fear. This ability was even written into the American Constitution as the First Amendment, giving the public the ability to voice opinions and express religious ideas without interference from the government.

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One of the liberties encompassed in the Constitution is the freedom to choose who to elect into power, giving. Although not required by law, voting in the electoral process can be considered one of the greatest responsibilities of eligible Unite States citizens. Every eligible citizen has the right to vote but to actually participate in the democratic process fulfills this great responsibility. The electoral process must be accurate and fair to properly voice the will of the people to their elected officials.

Many states have strengthened their voting laws to increase the integrity of the electoral process. Voting compulsion can very simply be defined as the process of electoral participation being law binding. However, the process and fundamentals of compulsory voting are not as simple. Review of the Literature: For my topic of research, the dynamics of poverty and voting in America, I used a vast number of sources in an attempt to produce the most accurate and broad discussion possible.

The sources I believe to be the most reliable were: 1 the scholarly works Friedman; Raskin , which were purely scientific and did not include political biases, but rather examined the facts from as neutral a point of view as possible; 2 the government reports DeNavas-Walt; Dept. Voting in many countries is held in different ways. In The United States of America, voting is voluntary while the Australian citizen has to vote, it is compulsory.

When an Australian citizen does not vote they receive a fine. Compulsory voting has now become a large political issue for many countries.

Great Britain has seen a dramatic decline in the number of people voting in the last 15 years Singh, and compulsory voting has become a large political and social debate. However, as with any. The composition of the party in the electorate can help and hurt the candidates running for office, as the electorate can vote candidates either in or out of office. Over the course of American government, the most recent changes and influences to the electorate include the passage of the Voting Rights Act, as well as the recent Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. For example, the video Fight for.

Rural citizens that have and currently lived in poverty are more likely to participate in the democratic process. There is a positive correlation between rural poverty and voting in past elections. At every p value the correlation remains significant. Secondly, there is a correlation between rural poverty and attending community meetings.

While the data does not indicate the cause, it indicates that the rural poor attend more community meeting than their wealthier counterparts.

Additionally, there. Home Page Research Essay on Voting. Essay on Voting. This Continue Reading. One tactic used by a small fringe branch of the Get Out the Vote movement is bribing of the underprivileged for their vote Continue Reading. Many who push for compulsory voting say that it will even the playing field Continue Reading. Compulsory Voting Vs. The core goals of compulsory voting are to increase voter turnout and to have an election reflect Continue Reading.

Based on my research, I recommend that the officials of this country come together to create equal and strict voting laws to ensure the integrity Continue Reading. Our country meets up to choose a leader who will speak to us on the worldwide Continue Reading. Many people that are not nearly as well educated Continue Reading. The decline of voter participation has always Continue Reading.

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In the and the presidential election, the voting turnout Continue Reading. Even though many people are opinionated and have different beliefs and ideals, most Millennials individuals 18 to 29 years old have removed themselves from the electoral process. When I first heard these statistics, I was shocked. We always assume that everyone votes, but that is not the reality.

What I found hardest to believe was the fact that only about half of the Millennials actually actively voice their thoughts.

I personally cannot wait until I am old enough to have a say in the workings of the government, and I hate the thought that people who have the opportunity abuse it. Because of this, and the fact that voter quite literally have the future of the country in their hands, I urge any and all people reading this to realize how big a part of democracy voting is, and to use the opportunities given to them to make a difference in America.

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Voter registration drives also brought African American communities together to work for a common cause. John Churchville was registering voters when he came across two rival teenage gangs fighting in Americus, Georgia. Why are you doing this?! We were able to recruit them to first register themselves, and then to negotiate a peace treaty and help us go out and recruit people to register and vote. Voting was a lifelong dream for many older African Americans in the South.

Charles Siler worked on a voter registration project in Baton Rouge in He remembers an elderly Mrs. Williams, whom he took to register, her third attempt. He took a gun with him, under his coat, for protection. They moved aside. And I was standing there like this and I was pressing that little Beretta because I wanted—when she came out she had this smile on her face.

That made all of it worth it.

voting is important essay Voting is important essay
voting is important essay Voting is important essay
voting is important essay Voting is important essay
voting is important essay Voting is important essay
voting is important essay Voting is important essay
voting is important essay Voting is important essay
voting is important essay Voting is important essay

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