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The Status Of English In Pakistan English Language Essay

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Contractor business plan examples. Literature review lung disease. An overview of the language Situation can be seen on chart I in the appendix. The constitution though is written in English, which does not occur in that enumeration, not even in the table of the other 96 non scheduled languages of the Indian Census Almost the same situation can be observed in Pakistan, where the dispute about languages in even led to a civil war and the foundation of Bangladesh.

The focus of that work will therefore be on the development and state just as on the analysis of syntax and morphology of the English language in India and Pakistan. Kachru, R. Agnihotria and A.

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Khanna, as well as Benrd Kotmann and Robert J. The development of the English language in India has to be split up in 3 parts. The first part deals with the situation between and in which four major European languages came to India due to the beginning of the trading relationship. Those four languages were English, French, Dutch and Portuguese. Mehrotra, , 3 On 31st December the East India Company made a big step by monopolizing the trade to introduce the English language to the Indian subcontinent.

The East India Company had a strong need in interpreters to simplify transactions between the English merchants and the innate people. Furthermore were army and Christianization responsible for the spread of the language. Whenever Indians joined the British army they had to learn English especially in terms of military vocabulary, which was the same with believers that wanted to read the Bible or say their prayers.

Viereck, , After the battle of Plassey and the resulting English supremacy over India, the growth of importance and influence of the English language was enormous. English teaching schools were built in an around big cities like Bombay , Calcutta or Madras. During that time the English language more and more got accepted as a way to learn modern sciences and to acquire knowledge from the western world.

Mehrotra, , 3 f.

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Mehrotra, , 4 Thereby English became the official language of the Government and a lingua franca between the different Indian districts, which did not speak the same dialect or even language. At that time three various types of English emerged between the Indian groups of society. The higher and better educated social community spoke the so called Sahib variety, the language of the middle class was called Babu English , and the lowest social group spoke what now is designated Butler or Pidgin English Mehrotra, , 5.

A very special characteristic feature from that time was the borrowing of lots of Indian words and manifest them in English. That was what mainly happened when certain Indian words or actions could not be translated satisfyingly enough into English. Today we still use these words and mainly even do not known that they actually derive from Indian like bamboo, curry or veranda. Some words though were adopted because of their pleasant sound cf.

Mehrotra, , 5. During that period the Indian English was very strongly influenced by Northern British dialects whereas short before and after the Independence the importance and the influence of R.

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The third and last part was introduced marked by the Indian independence and division of India and Pakistan which has to be regarded completely on its own. Neither did English decrease in terms of administration, simply because most if the people in certain positions still were dependant to English in terms of communication all over India.

On the one hand it of course was a steady reminder of suppression and slavery, on the other hand was it as already mentioned a necessary evil for educational and administrative reasons. In though a first solution was found by introducing three languages as compulsory in schools, namely Hindi, English and the regional language. The problem about that was that even though Hindi is the variety most people speak in India, all the other varieties together make an even bigger number and therefore felt neglected. The present situation for the English language in India still does not look as gloomy, as it was predicted and intended by the Indian Constitution which said that,.

Even though nationwide English no longer is the medium of education and instruction, it is compulsory in most of the parts of India at any stage. In some parts however it is an optional subject which is chosen as a second language very often, especially in non Hindi areas. Beside the educational part, English still plays an important role concerning public affairs like the Parliament, courts, banking, trading and commerce, and media.

essay on future of english language in pakistan Essay on future of english language in pakistan
essay on future of english language in pakistan Essay on future of english language in pakistan
essay on future of english language in pakistan Essay on future of english language in pakistan
essay on future of english language in pakistan Essay on future of english language in pakistan
essay on future of english language in pakistan Essay on future of english language in pakistan
essay on future of english language in pakistan Essay on future of english language in pakistan
essay on future of english language in pakistan Essay on future of english language in pakistan

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