Interview with a special education teacher essay

Breaking the Mold

As a special education teacher, Pam works with children who live with learning disabilities, emotional disruptions, vision impairment and traumatic brain injuries that affect their ability to function in a regular classroom. So, in a classroom where their teacher, mentor and confidante is routinely more counter-culture than they are, they learn in the depths of their hearts that everyone is acceptable exactly the way they are, no matter how they break the mold. This kind of teaching comes naturally to Pam, although her 15 years of special education teaching experience certainly helped shape her successful methods.

Sometimes simply trying can take a huge leap of faith for them, but usually, once they start, they can move mountains. She does set high standards, especially compared to other special education teachers, but her years of witnessing remarkable results and building life-changing confidence has taught her, more than anything, to believe in her students. Teaching for more than a dozen years in one of the last remaining schools that serves preschoolers through 12th graders, she has witnessed many of her students matriculate into mainstream classes and even go on to college.

Not long ago, she ran into one of them while he was buying a comforter for his college dorm room. Then you give them freedom. This group of smart people will burst out much wisdom in teaching. In contrast, if you are in a country where only one out of five teachers is a university graduate, and the other four just graduated from high school, of course, you will not trust, and you are not willing to give power to schools.

Q :It is true that a crucial step in resolving the issue of trust is to improve the quality of teachers.

The Importance Of A Special Education Teacher Essay

Which qualities do you think teachers should have? A: The first is the moral quality and sense of mission. During the interview, they need to use examples to prove that.

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Empathy is also essential. They need to show that they can understand the needs of others and to accomplish others, rather than talk about themselves throughout the way. There is also leadership. Our teachers need to understand the concept of leadership and how to implement leadership. Finally, profound professional knowledge in teaching matters.

Here, elementary school teachers in Finland are required to have more comprehensive professional competence because they need to teach their students all the subjects. They should know not only language and science, but also basic knowledge of art and music. If not, they should at least show the willingness to learn that.

Q : To train such teachers, you need the systematical selection and training design. You have written an essay about college entrance exams for Finnish teachers. Could you share with us here? The first round is a standard written test of professional knowledge competence. The second round is a comprehensive ability test. The second round of examinations will vary according to the focus of the different schools, but there are always interviews, esp.

Group interviews are usually conducted in such a way that five teachers are part of a group, and they work together to complete a simulated teaching task, such as teaching 25 students math. The interviewers behind them then observe how they design the teaching process, how to communicate, and how to teach in the classroom.

Who are your students? Know your special education classifications and jargon.

So, you can see that we not only examine the IQ and problem-solving skills of the applicants but also examine the communication skills, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork skills and so on that are particularly essential for teachers. Sometimes some interviewers may not rank the first regarding professional knowledge, but because they have very rich teaching experience and they are good at mobilizing students or playing a few instruments, they tend to be more welcomed than the other interviewers. Q : In your introduction to the group interview, you mentioned teamwork. Why is it so important to teachers?

A: Because in Finland, teamwork occurs in curriculum preparation, say collective lesson planning, but also in the teaching process. For example, two teachers have the right to gather two classes of students and teach together. Such a form can be beneficial to courses that require full discussion and facilitation, such as history and politics. In the past, Finland, like other countries, also only had a one-to-many teaching mode and cooperation is not explicitly encouraged; but now, collaboration has become part of Finnish education.

If you ask every Finnish principal, they all say that teamwork is essential. So before we hire a teacher in the school, we will conduct a background check on him, such as calling to his former school. We did not ask him about his teaching achievements. Again, be honest about your difficulties and challenges. Good administrators understand how challenging some of your students will be and will do their best to provide the support that you need for them.

Also, clearly illustrating how you rose to these challenges and had successes with these students will be a big asset for you. Many teachers are very idealistic. There is nothing wrong with expressing your idealism, but you also need to be realistic about your expectations for this job and your students. Just a few of the reasons that people choose a career in special education include wanting to help others, assisting students with reaching their goals, and watching student progress.

Some of the most important qualities of the special education teaching position include flexibility, organization, and keeping an open mind. If you believe that some or all of these qualities are your strengths, make sure to highlight them. If they aren't your strengths, be honest with yourself. There are lots of other qualities, such as focused and hard working, that you can choose to highlight instead. Effective strategies include creating schedules, creating a work basket that aides can take from as they have time, and keeping the lines of communication open.

Give your aides the opportunity to talk to you without any students around as needed. Discuss specific examples of techniques that you have used before or will use the future whenever possible. Additionally, don't be afraid to discuss techniques that weren't effective and why you'll be using different strategies in the future. Most teachers are not expected to communicate with parents on a daily or even a weekly basis unless there are ongoing problems. However, as many special education students have difficulty communicating or cannot communicate verbally, special education teachers are often expected to provide regular communication.

Consider what will work best for both you and your parents.

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  5. You don't necessarily need to use the same method will all parents. For example, some may prefer to write in a communication notebook while others may prefer to communicate via e-mail. Methods for staying up to date in the field of special education can include, but are not limited to, the following:. While there may not be questions that directly address the following aspects of special education, it is good to keep them in mind for the interview.

    Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Can you incorporate music therapy with special education to motivate and encourage students with disabilities how to adapt and appreciate music?

    Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I have my first interview today for a Special Education intern position. I am scared out of my wits, however these questions have help ease my mind a bit. Thank you.

    Interview With A Special Education Teacher - Words | Bartleby

    Almost all of these questions have come up in my interviews. The interview questions have varied though and in two jobs they already knew me personally and had made the decision prior to hire me, haha. Good work! Teachers certainly have a lot on their plate when dealing with special needs children.

    A Very Special (Education) Teacher

    Thanks, Tracie! I agree with both of those points. Best of luck to them. Be positive - when sharing examples of things or experiences that didn't go as planned, emphasize what you learned from it. Be professional - when sharing past experiences, don't share names. Sharing case studies discretely shows you understand and respect privacy laws. I plan to share your hub with some friends who will be interviewing soon. Thanks for creating a valuable resource.

    Your hub provide useful suggestions and tips to those who find out best job in their fields. I've learned a lot new tips regarding interviews queries faced during interview from your hub. Thanks for sharing such informative information!! I've also learned a lot about special education teachers from this Hub- I hadn't known about the special certifications one might have, for example. Thanks for sharing this! Really helpful! I'm majoring in Special Education now and I hope to get more experience and knowledge.

    You hit the nail on the head here. Great tips and ideas. This is fantastic. What excellent interview questions! Thanks Julie! You can make those dividers in any word processing or Photoshop program. There are also a number of sites where you can download them. Just add a photo capsule wherever you want a divider and upload the file.

    Your hubs are incredibly thorough, and I have a question about those cute dividers. How do you make those on your hubs?

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    Leah, thank you! It's awesome to get that validation from someone who works so closely with the special education system. This is an amazing hub - your sample questions and ways to answer them are simply fantastic. I don't work in special education, but I do have a child in the system and also volunteer as a parent advocate on our school's CSE team, and these questions and answers are all excellent!

    Denise, thank you for sharing this hub!

    I hope that it will helpful for lots of teachers and future teachers. I'll go check out your ADHD hub and link it up here. Haha we need more button choices! I'm still waiting for the Delicious button for recipes. Jools, good luck with your interviews! That's awesome that you already work with a lot of talented teaching assistants. Do you mean my dividers? I am trying to use them in most of my articles now. I appreciate your feedback on this topic. It's great that you've been able to work with such wonderful special education teachers.

    A wealth of fabulous and helpful information for anyone seeking a position as a Special Ed. All of your tips and suggestions are valid and important. Special Ed. All of the Special Ed. Great hub.

    interview with a special education teacher essay Interview with a special education teacher essay
    interview with a special education teacher essay Interview with a special education teacher essay
    interview with a special education teacher essay Interview with a special education teacher essay
    interview with a special education teacher essay Interview with a special education teacher essay
    interview with a special education teacher essay Interview with a special education teacher essay
    interview with a special education teacher essay Interview with a special education teacher essay
    interview with a special education teacher essay Interview with a special education teacher essay
    interview with a special education teacher essay Interview with a special education teacher essay

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