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The winner of the endowed prize is announced at the departmental graduation ceremony and is recognized on a permanent plaque. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Allan Gotthelf. Brooklyn , New York , United States. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , United States.

Aristotle Ayn Rand. Objectivism Rational egoism Individualism Capitalism Romantic realism. Related topics. Objectivism and homosexuality Objectivism and libertarianism Objectivism's rejection of the primitive Randian hero. Categories : births deaths 20th-century American philosophers 21st-century American philosophers Objectivists Objectivism scholars University of Pittsburgh faculty Wesleyan University faculty Columbia University alumni American atheists Philosophers from New York state Atheist philosophers Philosophers from Pennsylvania.

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    CPA-ACP | The Aristotle: A high school philosophy essay contest

    Tourism development case study. Curriculum vitae modelos Cover letter first paragraph reddit. Cover letter sit. St andrew's scots school delhi holiday homework. Education essay in tamil. Case study using motivational interviewing. Design portfolio personal statement. I was surprised, even panicked, when at the bell signaling the beginning of the pre-lunch free period, seventeen students passed through my door.

    Seventeen in a high school of only one hundred and sixty. Maybe I should have prepared something. The gathering had been advertised by my announcement in homeroom that morning: I would be holding an informational meeting for all those interested in forming a Philosophy Club. The previous announcer had admonished supporters to begin attending the soccer games; the following one spoke of a missing calculator. After all, this was an American high school — albeit a rigorous, progressive, independent school — but a high school nonetheless.

    My audience in homeroom that morning were adolescents ranging from ages fourteen to eighteen. Clearly I was mistaken. The seventeen shuffled in and sat on top of the desks arrayed in a crescent around my classroom. It was a hot September, so I turned off the lights and let the dusty sunshine stand alone. I began to write on a white board, listing various activities I thought a Philosophy Club could undertake: column in the school newspaper, sponsorship of debates, an essay contest.

    I pointed to her. I paused for a moment, digesting her question. The crowd went silent again, and all eyes eagerly turned towards me, standing near the white board holding an uncapped green marker. I definitely should have prepared something. And now they were confusing their settled, unquestioning conviction with knowledge. Despite their apparent contradiction, both views seem plausible in relation to commonly held beliefs about children: they are highly susceptible to suggestion, even indoctrination, and yet they also demonstrate a greater sense of wonder and openness to new ideas than adults do.

    What I came to witness in Philosophy Club pointed the way toward a synthesis of these views. As the weeks passed, the original clot of seventeen students turned into a dedicated group of eight or nine who showed up regularly. My lofty plans for debates and essays faded in favor of simple philosophical conversation once a week during free period — the very free period when, incidentally, other students were playing floor hockey, forming and breaking tentative romances, or marveling at the lethal killing power of androids in the latest first-person-shooter game.

    A curious set of rituals developed around our weekly meetings. I was once told that the best philosophical questions are those that, due to their seeming simplicity, people are often embarrassed to pose. High school is a time and a place where embarrassment is felt most acutely, perhaps. Freshman Biology conducts a lab where the students house a slug among lettuce and various other roughage in a jar for a week, during which time they carefully observe its behavior. Andrew, perhaps intending to use his jar for a future creature habitat, had left it stored in his locker outside my classroom.

    Over time, The Aristotle became a sort of totemic object. The first student arriving for Philosophy Club would bound into the room and seeing no prior comers, snatch up the jar. The next step was to switch off the lights and ignite the overhead projector, aiming it not at the pull-down screen but at the ceiling of the classroom. If I wanted the lights on or the projector off, the students always overruled me, insisting on these little rites before the meeting could begin.

    Bouncing the beam off the ceiling, the overhead cast a spotlight down upon a reddish oriental rug in an empty corner of the room. The wall beside us was covered with images of well-known philosophers, notably an alarmingly confused-looking Sartre.

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    It was on that rug that we Club members would gather in a circle, assembled around The Aristotle as though it were a campfire. We sit looking at each other, smiling, sometimes giggling a bit in an excited way. Someone reaches into The Aristotle, unfolds a bundle of paper, and the meeting begins with the reading of the question on it.

    aristotle essay contest Aristotle essay contest
    aristotle essay contest Aristotle essay contest
    aristotle essay contest Aristotle essay contest
    aristotle essay contest Aristotle essay contest
    aristotle essay contest Aristotle essay contest

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