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In one or another way, narcissism is inherent to all of us. But serial killers express it in incomparably greater degree. Pathological narcissism spreads in those societies where the slogan "everyone stands for himself" and individualism are promoted. In such circumstances, the maniac perceives himself as a priceless gift to this world.

The narcissist is anxious but does not feel guilty. He lives with constant dissatisfaction, lacks the ability to empathize, and thinks about other people as objects designed to maintain his high self-esteem or to bring some other benefits. It happens that serial killers take some "trophies" from their victims. Usually, these are parts of bodies. Maniacs can eat them for fusion and assimilation with the dead. The murder itself is a way to achieve a sense of domination. The killed does not cause any sympathy.

Criminals have a disharmonic infantilism. Their behavior is conditioned only by own interests.

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Narcissists have very primitive mechanisms of psyche protection. At the same time, the narcissist believes that all people are like him, they are also selfish. Therefore, he thinks about the murder with approval, claims that everyone would kill having the opportunity or strong character. Criminal considers himself more perfect because he does not hide his emotions and desires. If a maniac is caught, he blames society and culture but not himself for everything that has happened.

He pretends to be just a victim of unfavorable circumstances. Since the serial killer is narcissistic, he can't establish contacts with the surrounding people.

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This leads to the emergence of affectively saturated ideas, for example, to the opinion that society is hostile towards him. Such thoughts form closeness and suspicion, as a result of which all the actions of others seem to be threatening the personality of a serial killer. Thus, committing an act of violence, a maniac believes that he defends his honor. Serial killers do not recognize public norms and values.

They can comply with laws or follow state instructions not because they understand their necessity but because of fear of punishment. Now you know how to write a serial killer essay. Use key ideas and theories about maniacs described above. Famous psychiatrist and psychologists had been developing these classifications and theses for decades. So you can rely on them confidently. We hope that this material was useful. Good luck with your research! Leave a Reply. Personal Essay Topics. There are many difficult types of essays, but a personal essay is considered to be one of the most interesting among them both for the reader and for the writer.

What is the reason for such thoughts? Global Warming Essay Writing Guide. At all stages of development, a humanity was closely connected with the surrounding world. But since the emergence of a highly industrialized society, a dangerous interference of people in nature has…. In the Era of High-Tech Technologies, you…. How to write a serial killer essay Essay paper writing Academic writing. How to come up with a good title for a serial killer essay? Thesis statement for a serial killer essay Any serious scientific work must have a clearly defined aim. Definition of the term "serial killer" This information should be at the beginning of your serial killer essay outline.

Organized non-social type Describe the following key features of these people in your serial killer research paper: High intelligence. The intellectual level of some representatives of this group can reach IQ points, which is recognized as the threshold of genius. The intellect of one of the serial killers, Edmund Kemper, is points. He worked with the police very successfully and helped them in the search for criminals. The killer maintains a good appearance, the state of his housing and his car.

Rejects and despises a society. Communicates only with a narrow circle of persons. He can be charming, make a favorable impression on others. Usually, people around such a serial killer are very surprised to learn that this person committed crimes. He has a normal relationship with the opposite sex, often characterized as a good family man and father by friends and acquaintances.

Prefers to act with cunning, not violence. For example, Theodore Bundy enchanted young girls. They followed him calmly unaware that this was a serial killer. He has a certain image of a victim features of appearance or clothing. This allows a police to catch a maniac "with bait". Prepares for a crime in advance, thinks through all the details such as the place and weapon of murder, the actions by which he can hide an evidence and so on.

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Often binds the victim, conquers it with intimidation. Does not kill at once. First he realizes all sadistic fantasies. The victim may die during a torture as in the case of Robert Berdella. Takes measures to eliminate any evidence that can attract suspicions to him. A killer can dismember the corpse and get rid of it in parts, hide the corpse in an inaccessible place. He even able to place the body in a certain pose to say something by this murder. Can return to the place of the murder. Gary Ridgway, for example, often came to the crime scene to refresh memories, sometimes even to commit violence against the remains of the victim.

Can enter into contacts with the police, cooperate. During the interrogations, he concentrates, thinks over the defense line.

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The killer can feel a sincere respect for a competent and intelligent investigator, often "plays" with him. He improves during the entire period of committing murders, becomes less accessible for capture, controls himself, could stop killing in order to remain uncaught. Disorganized asocial type The following key features of this group should be listed in your serial killers psychology essay: Such a person has a low intelligence. He is mentally unhealthy, inadequate, despised or not accepted by society because of visible strangeness in behavior. This type of killer can't establish contacts with people, especially the opposite sex.

He had a difficult childhood with a cruel treatment. Socially maladjusted.

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Lives at the expense of relatives or state, can be registered in a psychiatric clinic. Does not care for his appearance and housing. The crimes are committed spontaneously. Does not consider details of the murder and try to destroy the evidence. Kills near the place of residence or work. The victim is depersonalized. The weapon of murder is often not prepared in advance.

Therefore, improvised means are used when attacking. He tries to save memories about the victims, can have a diary in which the killings are described, store video recordings, photos. Can write a sympathetic or mocking letter to the victims' relatives. He is quite capable of applying to the police. Does not comprehend himself and crimes that he commits. Hedonists They commit crimes for pleasure.

Psychiatrists distinguish three types of hedonists: Sexual. Most of serial killer research papers describe them. The victim can be alive or dead. It all depends on the preferences of the killer and the fantasies that play a big role in the crimes. The murder can enjoy rape or torture, strangling the victim, beating, manipulating a weapon that usually contacts the body for example, a knife or hands and so on. They can rob their victims. However, the main motive for committing a crime is torturing.

Violence is inflicted without sexual manipulation. This is the fundamental difference from sexual murders. Destroyers may experience sexual pleasure, but this can't be noticed at first glance. Sometimes they masturbate near the body of the victim, but these are quite rare cases. The thirst for a destruction is determined by the need for sexual domination which is invisible outwardly.

Such maniacs are often caught for robbery, vandalism or hooliganism. It should be noted that a serial murder is a criminal with a non-obvious motive. With regard to destroyers, this non-obviousness is expressed most clearly. Material and personal benefits are the main murder motives for this type of criminals. They are mostly women who kill with the help of poison or strong drugs that cause death while used in large doses. However, quite often there are also men who use other means among such maniacs.

To write a good serial killer persuasive essay, you can describe the life and crimes of Henry Howard Holmes, Gonzalez sisters, Mary Ann Cotton. Power-hungry The main goal of these people is to control and subordinate a victim. Visionaries They commit murders "at the instigation" of God or Devil, hear voices, suffer from hallucinations. Missionaries They kill for a specific purpose, most often try to improve the world, change the society for the better.

Mask of normality What helps some serial killers to escape justice for decades? The model of the human psyche includes three levels: Unconscious. This is the most profound, significant part of the human psyche which consists primarily of instincts and repressed memories. Preconscious - human experiences which may be restored by strong-willed effort.

It consists mainly of knowledge which is unclaimed at the moment. This experience realized now to maintain the order established by a society. There are several types of "normality masks": Strongly expressed "mask of normality". Representatives of this type of serial killers are well adapted in the society.

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  7. They can have a good job, a family in which they are considered caring fathers and spouses. Such people often have a higher education. However, they can be convicted previously mostly for theft. Medium expressed "mask of normality". Such serial killers are inconspicuous in society. Friends can consider them eccentric but harmless to others.

    Badly expressed "mask of normality". Its owner is antisocial, suffers from visible mental disorders, can be registered at the psychiatric clinic. Hervey Cleckley identified 16 basic behavioral characteristics of a psychopath - serial killer which are rather inherent to the organized non-social type : Charm and intelligence. Absence of hallucinations and other signs of irrational thinking. Absence of neuroses and psychoneurotic experiences. Falsity and insincerity. Absence of remorse and shame. Unmotivated antisocial behavior.

    Bias of judgments and inability to learn from mistakes. Pathological egotism and inability to love. Weak affective reactions. This includes sexual urges with unusual objects, fantasies, activities, behaviors, or situations, having a sexual urge with non-human objects, sexual behaviors that humiliate or cause another human to suffer, also having sex with children, animals, or non consenting humans.

    Exhibitionism, fetishism, frotteurism, pedophilia, masochism, sadism, transvestitism, and voyeurism are all common paraphilias. Males are effect by paraphilias more than females. A paraphilic fantasy tends to begin in late childhood or adolescence and continues throughout adult life.

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    There are usually many occurrences of these fantasies, but usually decrease as people get older. The three common forms of paraphilia fantasies that serial killers endure are sadomasochism, voyeurism, and fetishisms. Sadomasochism is a common type of paraphilia that a serial killer can be diagnosed with; it consists of sexual gratification when they are inflicting pain, and when they are humiliating the other person.

    Carroll Edward Cole as a child was forced to watch his mother and her lovers have sexual encounters while his father was away at war. The rage Carroll felt from watching this, along with being humiliated by his mother for years, triggered this paraphilia to a full extent where he would inflict his fantasies on innocent women. Fetishism is having an excessive regard or attachment; it is a worship or belief in a magical obsession Knight, Serial killers are usually diagnosed with this because they have a fetish with the thrill of killing. The power they receive from it. Serial killers, such as Ted Bundy, had a fetishism; his victims tended to resemble his college sweet heart that dumped him and broke his heart; long hair parted in the middle.

    Voyeurism is another paraphilia serial killers tend to have; this paraphilia is to obtain sexual gratification by looking at sexual objects secretively. For many serial killers, this means having sex with their victims after they have been dead for a while. This also ties in with an obsession, and usually an erotic interest in or stimulation by a dead body.

    Most serial killers are usually sexually motivated serial killers. Narcissism is defined as pathological lack of self-esteem defended against by compensatory grandiosity Ivey, Because the of early life care, a human becomes prone to theses needs. Theorists believe that the main problem for serial killers is the up bringing in their early child hood life.

    It is imperative that the toddler finds the basis of self-image and self-esteem, the majority of which comes from his or her source of life. Many times serial killers had not developed self- confidence as children. The second task is to provide support for the child. When a child experiences negative affects, a parent has to be the base, and provide adequate support for the child. This will help teach the child how to cope with painful feelings and situations when they grow older.

    Also when raising an infant, the role model must establish his or her psychological organizations so as to guide infant in the right direction. The aggression surfaces and culminates in a sequence of atrocious sexual murders as well as fierce and brutal procedures. All of this is to repress the years of defenselessness and degradation the serial killer went through when they were younger. They grow up with a lack of idealization, where they fail to develop an ego, which is usually learned from their father.

    Edmund Kemper came from an abusive and broken home, his parents divorced when he was 9 years old, and he was left with his mother. The years with his father were discouraged by being abused and observing a broken household. Not knowing much about each of their fathers; both Edmund and Arthur did not have enough hatred to circulate their killing based on their feeling towards their fathers. Edmund was punished as a child by his mother in bizarre ways. He would be locked in the basement for an extensive period of time.

    This kind of traumatizing punishment caused Edmund to have a resentful nature towards other people; he also had personal adequacy problems and was very timid. Arthur Shawcross had no significant father figure. As a young child he was surrounded by parental conflict where he was physically abused. Arthur grew up feeling rejected by his family due to all the arguments he had with them and the torment that was inflicted on him. As for Henry Lucas, his father was over powered by his over dominating mother.

    He was loathed by his mother as an infant; Henry and his father would both be forced to watch her have sexual relations with other men. After his father died, circumstances did not improve for Henry. Henry would, shortly be introduced to bestiality by his mothers stay at home lover. This opened new doors for young Henry who, would kill vulnerable animals for his own sexual pleasure.

    Psychology Essays – Serial Killers Born

    He soon turned his focus on small animals where he would skin them and experiment with different killing styles. His first human victim was a young lady that denied Henry sexual intercourse. After this, the rampage began; a killing spree with at least 69 victims involved, most whom were women, including his mother. Carroll Cole was raised by a loving family until the age of five when his father was called into the service; his mother changed for the worst.

    After his father left for the service, his mother started cheating on his father; this brought upon many life altering events. When his father came back, Cole thought his father was less of a man for not being able to catch on to the secret his mother had been threatening Cole to keep. Cole soon lost all respect for his father, and still feared his mother. Serial killer Aileen Wuornos was abandoned by both her mother and father. Wuornos was adopted by her grandparents; her grandmother was an abusive alcoholic. When Wuornos was a child her grandfather physically and sexually abused her.

    Wuornos claimed to have had sexual encounters with multiple partners at a young age, this included her older brother. She became pregnant a young age and was disowned by her family and community causing her to disown her child and live on the streets, with prostitution as her source of living. Wuornos, after a lifetime of miss treatment, directed her anger towards men whom mistreated or took advantage of her both in the past and the present. Wuornos never aimed to aggression towards innocent animals as a young child. Although these individuals did go through many similar situations when they were younger, they all found different ways to deal with their anger and aggression.

    The various ways all ended in one way, the death of innocent people. Their upbringings, from infancy to adulthood, are very crucial. It is argued that many people have been abused or sexually assaulted and have over come these obstacles to live a normal life. But many of these victims did not have inadequate pre-oedipal experiences that strongly contribute to what forms a serial killer.

    Oedipal is the stages of development of the psychological aspects of sexuality from birth to adulthood; i. The fear these mothers intended to inflict on these children at such a young age, triggered an erotic sickening obsessing with the pleasure they would get from forceful pain inflicting humiliating sexual pleasure with other women. Many of these individuals lack orthopsychiatry; the treatment of childhood psychological problems. This is a cross-disciplinary method of diagnosing, preventing, and treating childhood psychological problems that involves psychiatrists, childhood psychologists, social workers, and pediatricians.

    The deficient in this is the cause to these maniacs. The lack of care by the parent in these house holds makes these children grow up into monsters. There are two kinds of serial killers, an organized serial killer and a disorganized serial killer. An organized serial killer is very intelligent; they plot their plans of killing.

    Some may even leave a trade mark, or even, out of the ordinary clues to throw detectives off. Psychopaths are usually organized serial killers. Psychopaths usually know the difference between right and wrong. A disorganized serial killer, on the other hand, kills whenever an opportunity arises; they are messy, leave clues, such as finger prints, blood, or even semen. Psychotic serial killers tend to be disorganized with their crimes, making it easy for them to be apprehended. These serial killers are usually disconnected from society.

    Ted Bundy was considered a psychopath; he suffered from chronic psychological disorders with violent and irregular social behaviors. He was an organized serial killer. He would approach young ladies with brown hair parted in the middle, which resembled his college girlfriend that broke his heart. His arm would be in a sling, as if he was vulnerable, he asked women to help him carry his groceries to his car.

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